Rachel McAdams has Diane Keaton to thank for helping her land a role in Woody Allen's new movie - because the Annie Hall star has been singing the young actress' praises to the revered director for years.
Keaton has worked with the Canadian beauty twice - in 2005's The Family Stone and last year's (10) Morning Glory - and she is bowled over by MCAdams' talents.
The veteran actress tells Elle magazine, "She's like a violin. She can do anything, and she can play anything. She's a dynamo, but she's also soft. She can be bitchy but also light. She can do serious drama; she can do comedy. She has a lot of things going on, which makes her absolutely captivating."
And Keaton's high praise has paid off, convincing Allen to write a part specifically for MCAdams in his new romantic comedy Midnight in Paris, according to Elle magazine.