Rachel McAdams says nobody cares she is famous.

The 'Time Traveler's Wife' actress has no problems with the public pestering her when she's out because they don't recognise her or realise she a movie star.

She said: "Besides not leaving the house, staying housebound and never seeing the light of day, I guess I just tend to go about my everyday business not bothering anyone. Nobody really cares that I go to the post office or buy deodorant at the drug store. No one's really interested.

"I always used to think this was exciting stuff but no one really cares. I think if I lived in New York it would all be a little bit more high-profile, but in Toronto where I live, no one really cares."

Earlier this year, the 30-year-old beauty admitted she is a homely girl and would be happy to shun the Hollywood lifestyle to go "Back to Basics" and become a farmer.

She said: "I would try it. I would give it a good shot for a little while. I grew up in a small town, with a small backyard and raspberry bushes. And I wish I was able to grow my own food."