Model Rachel Hunter would have no objections to her daughter with rocker Rod Stewart following in her footsteps - as long as she stuck to her mother's hard-working regime.

Hunter became a model aged 16, but resisted the lure of the partying scene surrounding modelling by working hard every day - so if 10-year-old RENEE chose to pick the profession, she'd have to make sure she was similarly conscientious.

The 33-year-old explains, "I wouldn't mind if Renee wanted to be a model too, but I'd only let her do it if she was going to approach it in the way that I did. Even though I was only 16 when I started, I'd already left home by then.

"I was lucky that I was signed up by FORD. They looked after me. I worked constantly so I didn't have time to get bored and go to every party going."

12/08/2003 17:32