Rachel Hunter's forthcoming role in a British comedy show has painful origins for the model - she was second choice to catwalk rival ELLE MacPHERSON.

THE VICAR OF DIBLEY's writer RICHARD CURTIS - famous for scripting such films as Four Weddings And A Funeral and NOTTING HILL - originally wrote a part in the Christmas (04) special for MacPherson, according to reports.

Trying to avoid answering the claims, Curtis says, "It's possible. These things change all the time."

However, Hunter refused to allow the rumours to spoil her time on the set of the DAWN FRENCH-starring show, and instead focused her attention on the embarrassing antics she was required to undertake.

She adds, "I was nervous about stripping to my bra and pants, especially in a vicarage."

03/12/2004 14:17