Stunning model Rachel Hunter has spoken for the first time about her new relationship with "a lot younger" Canadian boyfriend Sean Avery.

The New Zealander mother-of-two, who is currently going through divorce proceedings with her estranged husband Rod Stewart, has been dating the LOS ANGELES KINGS ice hockey player for several months.

Hunter thinks it hilarious people are making a big deal of the 10 year age gap between her and 24-year-old Avery, after her ex Stewart was 25 years older.

She says, "Sean's a lot younger. It's very unlike me but it's a chemistry thing. It's something that's very genuine.

"We've got a good thing."

And when asked if Stewart - father of her children RENEE and LIAM - approves of her relationship, Hunter replies, "He's been on the road. I don't speak to him about that kind of stuff."

12/08/2004 17:11