SIX FEET UNDER star Rachel Griffiths was obsessed with celebrity gossip magazines - until she saw an unflattering picture of herself in the publications.

While reading an Australian gossip weekly, Griffiths found an item on celebrities looking less than attractive on the beach, and was horrified to find herself included in the article.

Griffiths confesses, "The first time I realised I'd become a celebrity gossip junkie was quite a shock.

"Three weeks after my beautiful first baby was born, I was flipping through a gossip weekly, when I came across an article.

"There was me, post-natally stuffed into my pre-baby bikini. Cruelly, there was no mention of the fact that just three weeks earlier, I had heroically pushed our baby into the world.

"That was it. Enough. I declared it was time for me to reclaim my brain from celebrity dribble."

06/03/2005 21:19