Rachel Bilson has had a "terrific learning experience" creating her shoe line.

The former 'O.C.' actress created a collection for ShoeMint.com and insisted on being involved in every part of the creative process.

She told People: "Understanding the footwear design nuances that make a shoe feel both authentic to my personal style, and are versatile enough to work with all women's styles, has been a terrific learning experience."

Fellow collaborator, stylist Nicole Chavez, admitted she felt "lucky" to be so involved in the designing of the collection.

She said: ""We're lucky to be involved in every part of the process. [Shoemaker] Steve Madden's craft of moulding something like a piece of leather into a gorgeous finished shoe [is] an art form."

Rachel previously admitted she was thrilled to collaborate with ShoeMint because of the quality and value-for-money of their products.

She has said: "I think ShoeMint is so cool because you're getting something new every month, and it's something that you'll love. The price point is awesome, so anyone can get the quality and the look that you would find in shoes that may be on The Higher price point. I wish it had been around so long ago."