Rachel Bilson won't strip for a movie role.

The former 'O.C.' actress claims several directors have wanted her to appear naked in their films, but she has remained "strong-willed" and refused to take her clothes off.

She said: "They like to put in nudity wherever they can. But I'm pretty strong-willed and believe it can be avoided."

Just as the 29-year-old beauty has difficulty with on-screen nudity, she also claims it is more awkward to shoot love scenes with a boyfriend than an actor you don't know.

Rachel - who starred with her ex-fiance Hayden Christensen in the movie 'Jumper' and was in a three-year relationship with her 'O.C.' co-star Adam Brody - told the Daily Record newspaper: "Doing a love scene with someone that you're involved with is more awkward than doing a love scene with someone you're not dating.

"Either way, it's definitely weird though. It's certainly not normal to kiss a guy in front of 10 other guys and a camera."

Rachel also believes her life has taken a different path to Mischa Barton - who she starred alongside in 'The O.C.' - because she was older when she took on the role of SUMMER ROBERTS.

She said: "I was 21 when the 'The O.C.' started, Mischa was 16.

"I can't imagine dealing with that kind of success at that age. My life may have been very different had I started out that young."