Rachel Bilson's mother ''knew'' when she had lost her virginity.

The 'Hart of Dixie' actress claims her mum, Janice - who is a sex therapist - doesn't have boundaries when it comes to discussing her personal life and could intuitively tell when the brunette beauty had intercourse for the first time.

Rachel explained: ''My mum is a relationship counsellor so she'll still slip in comments whenever she can. I'm like, 'Mom!'

''After my first time, she just knew. She didn't ask questions, she just told me things - she doesn't wait for permission to speak! She's a very open personal and she made it comfortable for me whenever I needed to talk.

''She's taught me all sorts of things about relationships, like how important it is to be honest and have trust.''

The 31-year-old star admits she's a ''big romantic'' and although her parents divorced when she was nine, isn't pessimistic about one day settling down with her long term boyfriend, 'Jumper' co-star Hayden Christensen.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: ''My parents' divorce didn't make me cynical about love and marriage. I've always been a big romantic and I look forward to all those things. I've been in a relationship for six years and I'm happy.

''Relationships make you think of someone else - it's nice to share things and care for another person.''