Rachel Bilson, the American actress and former star of the OC, says she 'formed a great friendship' with the British actor Tom Sturridge while the pair filmed the forthcoming movie 'Waiting For Forever'.
RACHEL BILSON says she bonded with the relatively unknown British actor TOM STURRIDGE during the making of their new romantic comedy, reports the Press Association.The forthcoming movie, which follows the story of a man who is content to live his life without a job whilst living with his actress girlfriend, had its Hollywood premiere earlier this week. When asked about her relationship with Sturridge, Bilson said, "Tom, I absolutely love. Right off the bat we got on so well and he's like a brother to me". 25-year-old Sturridge, the close friend of fellow actor Robert Pattinson, has until now only had brief roles in movies and 'Waiting For Forever' represents his biggest part yet. Bilson said the pair took the time to get to know each other in between filming, adding, "We formed such a great friendship we're lucky enough to still like each other after working together for such a long time. We were exploring Salt Lake City together so that was definitely an experience!"
The actress previously dated her OC co-star Adam Brody for three years, however the relationship ended in 2006. She later became engaged to actor Hayden Christensen before the couple split in 2010.