Rachel Bilson has designed a range of dinnerware for MACy's department store.
RACHEL BILSON, the American actress and star of The OC, has designed a range fashionable dinnerware, and says the line is aimed at "girls getting their first apartment", reports Reuters.The 28-year-old recently designed a line of DKNY jeans called 'Edie Rose', named after her two grandmothers, and the new dinnerware collection takes the same name. Speaking about her creation, Bilson said, "I've always loved dishes. As a kid, I was in my Fisher Price kitchen with my dishes. I didn't care about all the other stuff". The actress added that the line was "affordable and cute" and that it "speaks to girls getting their first apartment, getting married or anyone who wants to change it up at any age". The actress revealed that she has a number of items from the collection in her own home, her favourite being a 'peacock teapot', and added that if the line sells well she would like to broaden the range into home items such as bedding.
The 28-year-old is currently starring in the romantic comedy 'Waiting For Forever', alongside the British actor Tom Sturridge. The movie follows the story of a man who is content to live life without a job whilst dating a young actress.