Former THE O.C. star Rachel Bilson blames a car accident she was involved in as a teenager for her terrible memory. The actress admits she struggles to remember anything and believes it's all down to the fact she blacked out and suffered a concussion in a head-on collision on the Pacific Coast Highway in California when she was 14. She says, "I don't have much of a memory now... and I think it's because of that accident. "Friends will say, `Remember when we were at this or that place?' and I'll have no recollection." And, if having a bad memory wasn't bad enough, Bilson also struggles to concentrate. She tells Playboy magazine, "I don't have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) per se, but I definitely have a hard time paying attention for a long period of time. "I don't read a lot because I don't retain a lot. It's hard for me. I'm good at memorising, though. I can look at lines and remember them right before I do them."