Rachel Bilson is glad she failed to find fame until the age of 21 - because she enjoyed years of wild partying away from the spotlight.
The actress shot to stardom in hit U.S. TV show The O.C. alongside Mischa Barton, who was then aged just 16.
Barton was often snapped on nights out looking bleary-eyed and suffered a meltdown last year (09), which saw her placed on involuntary psychiatric hold.
And Bilson is convinced she only manages to avoid similar controversy because she lived out her tearaway years before she became famous.
She says, "I do fall out of cars, but not because I am drunk but because I am clumsy. I think the girls who come to fame younger fall into all that partying, but I did it before I became famous.
"I mean I was 21 when The O.C. started, Mischa was 16. I can't imagine dealing with that kind of success at that age. My life may have been very different if I had started out that young."