Rachel Bilson openly talked to her mother about intimate relationships as a teenager - because her mother was a sex therapist. The OC star was unable to hide any personal information, because her mother instinctively knew what was going on in her life. She explains, "My mom's a sex therapist, so she's great at talking about relationships. She knew the day after I lost my virginity. Oh, yeah. She started talking to me about sex. "She said, 'It happened last night, didn't it?' I was like, 'How did you do that?' She did the whole mom thing, of course, 'Use condoms, etc.' Weird, but helpful." Bilson, who ended her three-year relationship with co-star Adam Brody in December (06), claims she isn't open when it comes to discussing their split. She says, "I don't talk about my breakup with Adam. I don't want the world to know everything. It feels awkward. Invasive."