THE OC star Rachel Bilson ended up in a stream of tears at her 24th birthday party on 25 August (05), after her eye got "shot out" during a water pistol fight.

The brunette actress hosted a party at her mother's house, and she admits that she and her friends had a sudden compulsion to behave like they were half their age.

Bilson says, "It kinda turned into like a 12-year-old birthday party. We felt like we were 12 years old again 'cause it turned into this huge water fight. We had like these big water guns that have the forceful water. It's like 100 miles per hour...

"I got in the line of fire. My eye got shot out. Dude, it was not good. I couldn't open it for about a half an hour... I cried. It's my party and I can cry if I want to, right?"

Bilson has forgiven the 14-year-old culprit, who she insists had no intentions of hurting her.