THE OC star Rachel Bilson finds working with Adam Brody brings them closer together.

The American beauty was thrilled when Brody asked her out and because she believes working together and being in a relationship is the perfect situation.

And it means the lovebirds can spend more time together than if they were involved in different projects.

She says, "We actually met before the show began, through mutual friends. When I saw him on set, I was pleased because it meant there was someone there I already knew.

"People ask us now if it's difficult to work together. But generally I don't see how anyone in the business can date someone who is not in the business. You would never see them."

She slams reports the pair are engaged after dating for tow years, adding, "No ring, definitely not engaged.

"I like to stick to my one day at a time belief. All I know is that I'm happy in my life right now."