Success Of 'Dark Is Coming' Single Continues Bright Spring 2014 For Rachel Ann Weiss

Success Of 'Dark Is Coming' Single Continues Bright Spring 2014 For Rachel Ann Weiss

Rachel Ann Weiss will celebrate the recent success of her single "Dark Is Coming" with an upcoming tour of the Northeast and the re-release of the video that launched her career, 2012's "The Ballad of Joshua David Paul." "Dark Is Coming," the first track from Weiss's forthcoming Too...Something EP that will be released in May.

Weiss's method of personalized songwriting is indicative of her desire to connect with audiences who long for vulnerability and sincerity. Weiss is inspired by the heart-on-his-sleeve styling of the late Jeff Buckley, so she seeks to "express in my music what is difficult to express in real life." No other track on the soon-to-be-released Too...Something demonstrates Buckley's influence on Weiss as does "Dark Is Coming." According to her interview with American Songwriter, Weiss wrote "Dark Is Coming" mostly about "a very important night of my life, which was spent on a beach, talking with a man I'd loved until the sun came up again." She continues: "I decided to use a few chords from Jeff Buckley's 'Lover, You Should Have Come Over' in the chorus and that inspired me to finish the song with him in mind. So, ultimately, it's about two men that have influenced me greatly: Jeff Buckley and a former love of mine."

The full track listing of Too...Something is:

1. "Always Too Something to Be Loved"
2. "Microphone"
3. "Dark Is Coming"
4. "Never Meant to Love You"

Weiss has worked tirelessly over the past year. She has travelled throughout the U.S., and as a nod to her many new fans gained along the way, Weiss is re-releasing the video for the song that helped launch her career two years ago. "The Ballad of Joshua David Paul" is a poignant narrative that tells the tale of a woman who searches for a lost love, only to be frustrated by several strangers who are mere impostors. The video, directed by Anna Leah Jacobson, is an ode to New York City: it is set in a typical Manhattan diner, train station, and busy street.

Weiss is preparing to go back on the road in anticipation of the May release of Too...Something. Tour dates include:

 Friday, April 25th - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 - New York, NY
 Saturday, April 26th - MOVE Music Festival - Albany, NY
 Sunday, April 27th - Cameo - Brooklyn, NY
 Tuesday, April 29th - The Space (w/ Jessica Childress) - New Haven, CT
 Wednesday, April 30th - Toad (w/ Jessica Childress) - Cambridge, MA
 Saturday, May 3rd - Funk n' Waffles (w/ Jessica Childress) - Syracuse, NY