Australian actor Matthew Newton has been cleared of all charges after he was accused of breaching a court order by contacting his former fiancee Rachael Taylor.
The Transformers star was granted an apprehended violence order (Avo) against Newton last year (10) after alleging he had assaulted her during a vacation in Europe in August (10). They subsequently broke off their engagement.
Newton, who has been undergoing treatment for mental illness in recent months, was arrested in Sydney in February (11) after allegedly contacting Taylor by phone, and faced two charges of breaching the Avo, which could have landed him two years in jail.
The actor's lawyers applied for the charges to be dealt with under the country's Mental Health Act due to Newton's condition, which is said to include panic attacks, bipolar disorder and bouts of manic depression.
The case was heard at Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday (13Apr11) and magistrate Antony Townsden allowed the application after hearing Newton was being treated with "a regime of seriously mind-affecting drugs".
Newton was told the charges will not be held against him as long as he continues his treatment for at least another six months.