R. Kelly is working on a sequel to his album 'Black Panties'.

The 'Ignition' hitmaker will name the record 'White Panties', following the success of his 2013 album, and has told fans to ''expect a whole other level'' when the new music is released.

Talking about the album name, he told V magazine: ''I always follow what my spirit tells me to do. When I get into the studio I write from my heart. I try to write life and not songs.

''People live life, and when you write life, you're going to mess around touch somebody's heart, and they'll relate to you and what you're singing about.''

The 47-year-old star is also collaborating with Mary J Blige on a song for the album and the singer will join him on tour to promote the record in coming months.

He gushed: ''It's a very exciting thing when two people like Mary and me come together. It's never been done, but it kind of makes sense and you're like 'Wow!', and this is very exciting for me because I'm a fan of hers.''

R. Kelly has already been in the studio working on their track and plans to approach the 'No More Drama' singer about recoding more material together.

He said: ''I'm even looking forward to proposing that we do a whole album together. But this is the first I've mentioned it. The 'King and Queen' album.''