R+B star R Kelly was rushed to hospital on Friday (29OCT04) after being sprayed in the face with mace by one of Jay-Z's entourage.

The IGNITION star caused friction at the urban pair's Madison Square Garden concert in New York when he left the stage during his performance, insisting he could see two audience members carrying guns.

The venue's security team searched the audience for weapons but couldn't find any and told Kelly he was safe to continue his performance. As he made his way back to the stage, a young man working for Jay-Z sprayed him and two of his bodyguards in the face with mace. Jay-Z performed for a further 45 minutes after Kelly was taken to hospital.

Kelly's publicist, ALLAN MAYER, says, "I'm pretty sure Jay didn't realise what was going on."

Speaking to American radio station HOT 97 FM, the Crazy In Love rapper said he couldn't understand why his co-performer left the stage in the first place.

He says, "You can't get a gun inside Madison Square Garden. If people give me love he can't take it."

It is believed this incident is the culmination of disharmony between the two stars who are midway through their 40-date BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TOUR in America.

01/11/2004 10:50