R Kelly has picked out the star whose life he believes is most like his own - rock legend Elvis Presley.

The IGNITION singer, who's currently awaiting trial on child pornography charges, claims he and the late Presley have followed very similar paths to achieving stardom.

He tells VIBE magazine, "I haven't studied Elvis, but I've followed enough interviews and documentaries of him to know. And I see parallels."

Kelly and Presley have the same birthday - 8 January - and both were inspired to become singers after their teachers pushed them into performing in front of an audience.

And if fans refuse to accept him as having similarities to Presley, perhaps they'll accept his kinship to Superman.

He says, "I'm not a perfect guy - even Superman wasn't perfect. Everybody got their kryptonite. But if you look at what he's done overall, and the things he's done in the world, he deserves the S on his chest - and I do too."

05/05/2004 09:28