Troubled R+B singer R Kelly has been kicked out of his joint tour with Jay-Z after claiming he'd been attacked with pepper spray by a member of the rapper's entourage.

The IGNITION star sparked chaos at the urban pair's Madison Square Garden concert in New York on Friday (29OCT04) when he stormed off stage during his performance, insisting he could see two audience members carrying guns.

After getting the all-clear from security guards, Kelly headed towards the stage again - but was greeted by a young Jay-Z aide who sprayed mace in his face.

Jay-Z's publicist JANE FLEISMAN says "Jay-Z did not attack R Kelly in any way, shape or form," and has denied his associates were involved.

Kelly is filing a criminal complaint against the entourage member and is also considering suing Jay-Z and the promoters over his "firing".

Jay-Z and Kelly were in the midst of the 40-city BEST OF BOTH WORLDS tour, scheduled to run until 28 November (04).

Fleisman is currently unsure whether or not Jay-Z will continue the tour as a solo act, after promoter Jeff Sharp of ATLANTA WORLDWIDE TOURING has cancelled the remaining dates.

In a statement, Kelly says, "The fans deserve better than this. I'd like the show to go on. It's really disappointing that Jay-Z and the promoter don't."

Kelly's spokesman ALLAN MAYER claims, "The promoter decided to cancel the tour because Jay-Z refused to perform with R Kelly."

In an exclusive interview with American show EYEWITNESS NEWS today (31OCT04), Kelly revealed he had been banned from Madison Square Garden and attempted to reassure his fans, it was not his choice to leave the tour.

He laments, "It's not about Jay and me, it's about the fans. That's why I don't see how this could get so twisted."

01/11/2004 10:47