R. Kelly fans are demanding a refund claiming an impersonator appeared in his place at a concert.

The 'Bump 'N' Grind' singer was scheduled to appear in Louisiana, US, this weekend, but eyewitnesses claim the man who took to the stage three hours after the advertised time was not R. Kelly himself.

Some sources suggest it was an impersonator called R. Jelly, who is said to have lip-synched to Kelly's tracks, before being booed off stage.

One female fan who was at the show said: ''The advertisement online through Ticketmaster said that it was a Ced's All Black Affair and R. Kelly performing live, which did not happen last night.

''We were scammed because 10 o'clock we were there, no R. Kelly. 11 o'clock; no R. Kelly, 12 o'clock; no R. Kelly, 12:45; no R. Kelly. 1am, here comes an impersonator.''

The woman also claimed she had seen the tribute act in a local restaurant earlier that day.

The event cost $150 a ticket and was advertised as Ced's Black Tie Affair, helmed by promoter Cedric Johnson. Confusingly, Cedric appeared to send a text to a local TV station claiming he had been ''duped'' and promising people's money back, which he later retracted.

In a further twist, a representative for R. Kelly told Pitchfork.com the singer had, in fact, appeared at the show - wearing dark sunglasses and a low baseball cap - and noted the event was billed as featuring an ''appearance'' from R. Kelly, not a full concert.

The 'I Believe I Can Fly' star - who is preparing to release a new album, 'Black Panties', in December - has yet to comment. However, he did perform a concert in neighbouring, Mississippi, on Sunday (27.10.13), the day after the event in Louisiana, later posting on Instagram: ''Great show last night in Southaven, MS. Thanks to all who came down, the energy in the crowd was crazy.''