Troubled R+B singer R Kelly has become a comedic target following his arrest on child pornography charges - and he finds most of the jokes about him funny.

The SNAKE singer has been mocked by such stars as Chris Rock at last year's (03) MTV Video Music Awards and Cedric The Entertainer in hit movie BARBERSHOP 2: BACK IN BUSINESS for the allegations levelled against him - but Kelly's refusing to let it all upset him.

He says, "If a joke is funny, I don't care if it's about me or if it's about GUMBY, I'm gonna laugh at it, because I'm a joker too. We all got our day to be roasted.

"As far as I'm concerned, it helps me out with my situation, because it breaks the tension of it all."

He adds of dealing with his charges, "It's stressful, but not to the point where I'm gonna jump off a building, drug it out, drink it away, or smoke it away. It's not that stressful. With the help of God and the help of family and all of my fans, I can get through.

"Other people would have hid under a rock. I started to. But I didn't want to let my fans down, because I knew they were still there for me. My family was still there for me. My friends. No matter what's going on, what's coming against you, rocks falling down, raining hail, you can overcome."

05/05/2004 09:28