R Kelly 's bizarre 'hip-hopera' 'Trapped in the Closet' will return later this year, Rolling Stone announced earlier today (March 21, 2012). The new set of instalments is due to air on Ifc and will reportedly focus on Kelly's alter-ego Sylvester. The shows are being produced in collaboration with Ifc.
No date has been set for the first segment yet but the R&B singer, who narrates the videos that accompany each section, released a statement that read: "When I first began experiencing the unknown journey of writing Trapped in the Closet I knew after the first chapter that I had tapped into something that was not of this earth", adding, "Being the nosy person that I am, I more than anyone wanted to know what the second chapter would be. And now here we are at chapter 23, trapped in the million dollar question - what the hell is the package? Well, ladies and gentlemen, not only am I ready to reveal what the package is, but I have many more chapters to share."