An angry 50 CENT had New York fans scratching their heads at the annual SUMMER JAM hip-hop concert on Saturday (12JUN04) - when he publicly mocked headliner R Kelly and stormed off stage.

The rapper's G-UNIT show, which heralded bandmate Tony Yayo's first public appearance since his release from jail, seemed to be going well when a moody 50 Cent threw the microphone down in disgust and brought his group's set to an abrupt end.

Before exiting the stage, 50 Cent blasted arch-rival Ja Rule and his THE INC label mates, handing out 'Grannie Awards' to Rule and Joe Budden.

Other Grannies went to LIL' KIM for having the most plastic surgery, THE SOURCE for being the worst hip-hop magazine, and Beyonce for being the sexiest star.

But tensions were stretched when two audience members threw chairs onto the stage. According to witnesses, the chair tossers wore Silverback Guerilla T-shirts - a crew whose members have had a long-running feud with 50 Cent.

At first the music continued, and then 50 brought the show to a crashing halt when the crowd stood still during one of G-Unit's uptempo new tunes.

He then mocked Kelly as G-Unit DJ WHOO KID said their time was up and they had to leave. 50 dared the police to come and get him and then stopped the show in the middle of STUNT 101, when he angrily left the stage.

15/06/2004 10:01