Heavyweight The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron is on a mission to lose weight so he can compete for roles in action movies.

The actor has always been a big guy but a recent embarrassing incident on a plane, when he was asked to gather his belongings and leave because he was taking up too much space, made him realise it's time to slim down.

And he's in talks to join a programme that will help him achieve his goal.

He tells Access Hollywood Live, "I figured the best way to do it is to have a team behind you, encouraging you. The only reason I have a weight issue is because my lack of inconsistency (sic)... If you tell me to do it myself, I'm probably not gonna do it... With everything I have going on and with everything I'm doing, the last thing on my mind is getting up and going to the gym."

But Aaron has a dream in mind to help him succeed in his battle with the bulge: "I do wanna be in action films... and I was thinking that it would be cool one day to just be on the beach with a tank top on and not feel insecure about the way I look in that tank top."