Legendary music mogul Quincy Jones is urging rappers to stop using the word "n**ger" because it offends him when he hears white kids using it.

Jones suggests rappers should take a trip to Africa - as comedian Richard Pryor did - because it will make them think twice about using the derogatory term.

He says, "Richard Pryor went to Africa and said, 'I'll never say that word again as long as I live.'

"What really hit me hard was in the film BULWORTH, where I saw HALLE BERRY say it to Warren Beatty. It means what it means. They're trying to make it part of a dictionary, part of a language that's hip and all that other stuff.

"But, when you go to Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia and Stockholm in Sweden and you hear these little kids, who can't even speak English, talkin' about, 'N**ger, n**ger, n**ger,' it gets on your nerves. They're just rattling it off non-stop. I'm 72, man, and I can't handle it."