Quincy Jones could be the key witness in a current court battle running on between Steve Wynn and Joe Francis. Legendary music man Jones is relevant to the case as he is both Wynn's long-time friend and also Francis' neighbour. What the courts are currently investigating is whether Wynn threatened to kill Francis, with the claim coming from the latter that in April 2010 Wynn had said that he would "hit me in the back of the head with a shovel and bury me in the desert." Wynn is also alleged to have started the spat via email, with the press being alerted after Francis told Tmz the story, according to The Los Angeles Times.
Wynn for his part called the accusations a "terrible lie" whilst on the stand, and said that such a testimony could sorely hurt his reputation; apparently he doesn't even use email at all. Wynn also commented on Jones involvement in the trial, saying that the mogul had little time for Francis. "He refers to Joe Francis as a screwball, a maniac ... a villain," Wynn said.
Whilst the two old men are still battling, there are many who are probably getting a bit tired of the pair bickering. The Wynn-Francis feud stretches over several years and multiple lawsuits. It has been suggested by Francis' attorney that such a history might be what riled Wynn enough to wish Francis dead.