Veteran producer Quincy Jones reportedly attempted to halt MICHAEL JACKSON's constant sleepovers with young boys.

Before Jackson's current child molestation scandal broke in 2003, source say Jones tried to intervene with the 46-year-old BAD singer to warn him of a possible career "downfall" if he continued to host pyjama parties with his juvenile pals.

HARRY LEVIN, executive producer of American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, says, "We are told Quincy Jones actually did an intervention on several occasions. Going to Michael Jackson and saying, 'Look, this is inappropriate, it's wrong and it could bring you down if you don't stop.' It was that serious.

"We are told Quincy Jones complained after the meetings with Jackson that Jackson didn't want to hear about it. He was like a wall and that nothing was changing.

"As far as we know, Jones has said he has never seen anything inappropriate between Jackson and a boy."

Jones, who produced Jackson's hit albums OFF THE WALL, THRILLER and BAD, is on the defense witness list in the troubled star's child molestation trial. Jackson denies the charges filed against him.

19/02/2005 02:06