The band was originally booked to play sets at The Music of David Bowie events this Thursday and Friday (31Mar-1Apr16) at New York City's Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, respectively.

And although the prestigious affair boasts performances from the likes of The Pixies, Cyndi Lauper, the Mountain Goats, Michael Stipe, Heart’s Ann Wilson, Debbie Harry, Perry Farrell, Flaming Lips and Jakob Dylan, The Roots will not be there.

Questlove took to Instagram on Wednesday (30Mar16) to explain the reasons why the band pulled out, noting stupid feuds over the use of equipment was the primary cause of their cancellation.

“Mood," the drummer wrote in a caption attached to an image of hip hop mogul P. Diddy wearing a t-shirt with the words 'No B**ch A**' inscribed onto it. "I’ve never been so insecure or petty as to deny a fellow musician use of ANY of my equipment (or my band’s equipment—-or resources or contacts or knowledge or ANYTHING) it angers me when that same courtesy is not reciprocated. (Believe you me I was about to get #TomPetty or #PettyWap or#PetRockAndCLSmooth or #BlackPetty or however you wanna roll wit it)—keeping a level head and not being self destructive is a weak point I’m working on."

He continued, "But I’m also keeping it true: The Roots/Bilal/Kimbra (w/ Wendy Melvoin, DD Jackson & Ray Angry) pulled out of these Bowie gigs. We have patience. But we do NOT have patience for the #B**cha**ness. Enjoy your precious equipment.”

Questlove did not directly point out the person or persons who caused the upset.

David Bowie passed away at the age of 65 in January (16) and before his death, the rock icon was scheduled to make an appearance at The Music of David Bowie this week (end1Apr16).