The new Quentin Tarantino Western was illegally published online earlier this week (starts21Dec15) and informants tell The Hollywood Reporter (THR) authorities at America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believe the piracy saga originated at the office of Alcon co-CEO Andrew Kosove.

But Kosove denies being involved in the matter personally, telling the outlet he will do everything in his power to clear his company's name.

"I've never seen this DVD," the Alcon President insisted. "It's never touched my hands. We're going to do more than cooperate with the FBI. We're going to conduct our own investigation to find out what happened."

Although Hive-CM8 hackers have taken responsibility for the leaks, the FBI is still pursuing an investigation into the true culprit behind the cybercrime. FBI authorities are working in tandem with Alcon and The Hateful Eight's distributor The Weinstein Company on the official criminal inquiry.

Apparently Kosove received a "screener" copy of The Hateful Eight in the mail for awards season consideration, but an office assistant signed off on the delivery - shortly after this took place, the DVD was illegally leaked online.

Informers note FBI agents were able to rule out any other potentialities because a watermark on the disc of the copy Kosove was sent proves this DVD is indeed the source of the piracy.

It's claimed FBI officials visited the Alcon Entertainment office in the Century City area of Los Angeles on Tuesday (22Dec15) to investigate who was in possession of the disc in hopes this will lead to whoever perpetrated the online uploading.

Since The Hateful Eight was leaked, 200,000 to 600,000 downloads of the film have occurred on the Internet and physical copies of it are supposedly going for sale on the streets of China and other international markets.

Leonardo DiCaprio's period drama The Revenant was also a victim of this cybercrime.

Both The Hateful Eight and The Revenant are officially scheduled for release in the U.S. on Christmas Day (25Dec15).