Movie maker Quentin Tarantino loves reading his sexy fanmail, because his devotees are inventive and raunchy.

Many send naked photos of themselves with sexy notes, but the Pulp Fiction director fears most of his saucy fans are too young for him.

He says, "One girl, I'll never forget her. I don't think I called her. I was afraid she was a little too young. In her picture, she could have been 20, or she could have been 15.

"She was a young black girl. I was doing From Dusk Till Dawn with GEORGE CLOONEY. After I read the letter, I went banging on his trailer and read it to him.

"We had a good time reading each other or sex mail. This one was so imaginative. First, she's telling me what movies she'd like to watch with me, and then she starts getting into dirty stuff.

"She mentions kissing for hours. Then she writes, `I want to dress you in a French maid outfit, and while I sit in a chair in a garter belt and panties, smoking a cigarette, I'll make you pick up every piece of lint off the carpet. And I'm not going to be easy about it.'"

29/09/2003 17:36