Quentin Tarantino loved going on set while the other directors filmed their segments on new movie GRINDHOUSE, because every day he would see another superstar actor appearing in the film. Nicholas Cage plays Chinese villain Fu Manchu in a mock trailer for fictional film WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S, which airs between Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR and Tarantino's DEATH PROOF movies - while Bruce Willis appears fleetingly as a half-man-half-mutant in Planet Terror. Respected German actor Udo Kier also appears as a twisted Nazi in the WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S trailer, which is directed by Rob Zombie. And the big name cameos were a constant and welcome surprise to Tarantino. He says, "To be honest, it was a big surprise to me. I didn't even know that Bruce Willis was in Robert's movie until I was on the set, and I was like, 'What's he doing here?' And then I saw his green beret and army fatigues and it hit me -- he's not just visiting the set, he's in our movie! "And neither of us realized that Nic Cage was in Rob Zombie's fake trailer until we read about it. But obviously they really wanted to be in it, and they're great."