Quentin Tarantino has slammed James Bond producers for failing to contact him following his request to direct forthcoming 007 movie Casino Royale, because the remake had been his idea.

In 2004, the Pulp Fiction film-maker suggested producers remake IAN FLEMING's original 1953 storyline, after screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, who penned The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day, publicly announced they were struggling to write a third script.

Tarantino had hoped to direct Casino Royale and had advised the Bond team to "go my way and do it a little differently", while maintaining he could still be trusted with the legendary superspy series.

But he was upset not to be contacted when GOLDENEYE director Martin Campbell was instead chosen to direct the new 007 thriller starring Daniel Craig.

Tarantino says, "I'm annoyed that the James Bond producers never called me to talk about it because I can tell you that they would not be making Casino Royale if I hadn't talked about it first.

"They should have called me. Especially since they are taking my idea and they are taking the publicity I gave them towards that idea.

"They should have at least had the courtesy to have coffee with me."