British actor PETER BOWLES inadvertently snubbed Quentin Tarantino recently, when the Kill Bill director recognised him in a Nottingham, England, bar.

Bowles, 68, who is a well-known TV star in the UK but has also appeared in movies including BLOW-UP and THE OFFENCE, had just ordered some food when the American film-maker came in.

And Tarantino, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, immediately spotted the veteran actor.

Bowles says, "I had just sat down when, to my astonishment, into the pub walked Tarantino. He came over and said, 'I recognise you. You're Peter Bowles. I really admire your work. Would you like to come over to my hotel and have dinner with me?'

"I was taken aback that he knew who I was and I replied, 'Well, I've just ordered a sandwich...' intending to add, '...but I'll cancel it'.

But, unfortunately for Bowles, Tarantino took his response as a rejection and swiftly turned around.

Bowles adds, "He snapped, 'OK. Some other time then,' and walked out.

"I sat there thinking what a fool I'd been. I doubt I'll ever get an offer to appear in one of his films now.

"I think he thought I'd snubbed him but I'd just hesitated because I was so shocked at seeing him. You just don't expect to meet Quentin Tarantino in a Nottingham pub."

01/11/2004 13:42