Maverick director Quentin Tarantino is planning an animated prequel to his Kill Bill movies - to show the early life of the deadly assassin.

The film will be drawn in the Japanese manga style already seen in KILL BILL VOLUME 1 and will focus on the three men - pimp ESTEBIAN VIHAIO and martial arts masters HATTORI HANZO and PEI MAI - who turned Bill into a ruthless killer.

The OSCAR-winning writer and director will write and produce the film.

Tarantino has also speculated that he could return to Kill Bill's world in 15 years time to follow the daughter of a character killed in the first film.

The popular filmmaker - who took five years off after directing JACKIE BROWN to return to the screen with the violent revenge saga - is next set to direct a segment of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's comic book adaptation Sin City.

05/04/2004 17:38