Maverick film-maker Quentin Tarantino abandoned plans to direct the next James Bond film after Pierce Brosnan was fired by studio heads.

The Kill Bill director was devastated when he learned Brosnan's stint as 007 had come to a premature end - following a row with movie bosses over money - because he deemed the Irish actor the perfect Bond.

And Tarantino reacted to the news by informing producers he would no longer be a part of the Casino Royale remake.

He says, "I would have liked to do Casino Royale with Pierce. But once I heard Brosnan isn't going to be doing any more Bond films, that killed it as far as I was concerned.

"He's really proven himself to me as the James Bond for this generation. He can really pull off that 60s thing that Casino Royale would have. It should be more like the original book."

14/03/2005 17:22