Quentin Tarantino found writing Uma Thurman's character in his new movie Kill Bill personally affected him - he started becoming womanly in real life.

The OSCAR winning director returns after a six year break with the much-anticipated kung-fu film, and Tarantino was so engrossed in the writing process of the movie he found himself taking on the characteristics of Thurman's heroine BRIDE.

He laughs, "All of a sudden I was buying things for my apartment. I'd see something cool in a shop in Greenwich Village, and I'd buy it. I'd buy flowers for the house and start arranging them. Suddenly, I'm wearing jewellery."

Tarantino insists his extended break from the industry is due to his intense concentration on trying to perfect the film, rather than any writer's block.

He explains, "It wasn't like I was afraid to let the world see it. I just wanted it to be really good. It took me a year to write one big fight sequence."

22/09/2003 17:16