Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino was stalked by a fan whilst working on the cult action thriller Pulp Fiction. The 44-year-old moviemaker received a random phone call whilst lying in bed one evening after promoting the 1994 film. He recalls: "You're in a strange city and a pretty-sounding girl calls at night, you think, 'Why not?' I'd helped her get into the party and that was it. "So we have a chat, I leave the city (New York) and then she's calling my office 40 times a day and ends up having a kinda relationship with my assistant, saying that they were trying to keep the two of us from being together. "Then she sends me her film - a Super 8 movie on video, without sound and it's about a girl who goes out, picks up guys and kills them. Then I get letters saying I stole her film. I had to put a stop to it after that."