Quentin Tarantino is grateful movie bosses took the decision to separate his and Robert Rodriguez' GRINDHOUSE double bill - because they never intended them to be viewed as one film. Harvey Weinstein is re-releasing Death Proof and Planet Terror as two separate movies after the double-bill disappointed at the U.S. box office. Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, where Death Proof is being unveiled, Tarantino says, "Me and Robert made three movies. We made Death Proof, Planet Terror and then we made Grindhouse. Death Proof and Planet Terror were always meant to stand alone. But when we put them together as Grindhouse, it had to work as one evening. So we didn't cut our movies to the bone, we cut them past the bone.” Weinstein adds, "What you see in the new Planet Terror and what you see in Death Proof is Robert Rodriquez making a Robert Rodriquez movie and Tarantino doing pure essence Tarantino. In order to save time and crunch these films together we often removed some of the essence of the film."