Quentin Tarantino was left "freaking out" after flying into New York to give his KILL BILL star Uma Thurman an exclusive screening of the movie - because she was nowhere to be found.

Thurman stars as a sexy assassin opposite Daryl Hannah in the ultra-violent action flick, but the critically-acclaimed actress failed to turn up to a special preview of the eagerly-awaited two-part film on Saturday (23AUG03).

A source tells American gossip site PAGE SIX, "Quentin was freaking out, looking for her. He flew in from Los Angeles especially to show Uma the latest cut of the film. But she went out to Fire Island.

"Quentin had been looking forward to showing Uma the film and had even planned a private screening in her honour. He had his staff looking for her, and no one knew where she was."

But a spokesman for Thurman insists her failure to make an appearance was due to communication problems about when the event was due to take place.

He says, "The screening was never slated for Saturday - it was always slated for Sunday (24AUG03)."

However, any angst on Tarantino's part was alleviated on Sunday, when sexy Thurman joined the maverick director for a plush dinner in Manhattan.

26/08/2003 17:49