Hollywood film-maker Quentin Tarantino considers himself best celebrity judge to have appeared on talent show AMERICAN IDOL - because he actually told the truth.

The Kill Bill director sat alongside regular judges Simon Cowell, PAULA ABDUL and Randy Jackson last week (ends16APR04) to critique the performances of singing hopefuls, and he's proud of his own performance.

He says, "I started watching the show in the second season. And by in large, I hated the celebrity judges. I got the impression they were just doing a gig, they had never the show.

"I'm watching it and everything and they come on they go, 'Oh yeah, you were very lovely child.' And I was like, 'Man, when I go on this show, I'm gonna tell the truth!'

"It was about being honest and the whole thing about it was that it's tougher than it looks because it's one thing to say that in your living room to your TV screen, it's another thing to sit out there and look at them.

"I like the show and I love the contestants on it and everything, but I watch it for Simon. I think he's the man. It's tough for him to do it too, I'm sure - well, maybe not so tough for him! But being honest, that's the way to go with it.

"The ROLLING STONE COVER? Who cares! Saturday Night Live? Who cares! I was a judge on American Idol!"

18/04/2004 21:00