Quentin Tarantino has admitted he was "mad" at James Bond producers for not giving him credit for the Casino Royale remake idea.

The iconic film-maker, whose output includes Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Resevoir DOGS, claims the straight remake of the Ian Fleming novel was the result of a brainwave he had before anyone else.

After Pierce Brosnan's demise as 007 following the disappointing Die Another Day, producers decided to opt for the only Bond novel not to have made it on to the big screen as an 'official' Bond film.

Originally made as a spoof film starring Peter Sellers, many raised eyebrows at the ability of Casino Royale to turn itself into a credible Bond picture.

As it was the movie was enormously successful, effectively introducing Daniel Craig as the first blonde Bond and attracting acclaim from critics.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Tarantino suggests that the idea of a remake was his idea – and claims that the producers went ahead with it without contacting him.

"I never saw Casino Royale because I was so mad at those guys," he is quoted as saying.

"They should have talked to me about it. They said publicly that Casino Royale was unfilmable, but the minute I said I would do Casino Royale, it's on all the websites and it is the film that people want to see. They should have said thank you."

02/09/2007 12:38:59