Acclaimed directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are teaming up to make a double feature to help former Miramax moguls BOB and Harvey Weinstein launch their new film company WEINSTEIN CO.

The legendary film makers will each write and direct a graphic 60-minute horror film, and both movies will be packaged back-to-back under the same film title GRIND HOUSE.

The release - planned for spring 2006 - is a tribute to the old, big-city movie houses which earned the grindhouse moniker, for programming genre pictures back-to-back.

And Tarantino, who sampled grindhouse genres in his Kill Bill films, is considering making a series of movies with the Spy Kids director if their current collaboration proves successful.

He says, "Grind House could be the first in a series of films."

The Weinstein brothers' movie company will be given a new, permanent name in the summer (05).

27/05/2005 14:02