Quentin Tarantino was reprimanded by producers of hit TV talent show American Idol on Tuesday night (13APR04) - when he used a swear word to describe his thoughts about a contestant.

Red-faced TV bosses had to reshoot guest judge Tarantino's reaction to singer LATOYA LONDON's performance so the show didn't feature his expletive when it aired last night (14APR04).

The usually live telecast was cancelled at the last minute when chiefs at FOX TV decided to air a live broadcast by President George W Bush's instead.

Regular judge PAULA ABDUL says, "He said 'I have three words for you LaToya: F***ing power house.'

"When we were done, they said, 'It's a wrap. Everybody leave,' and we took our microphones off and said goodbye to the audience, and we're all leaving and then: 'Everyone back to your seats.'

"We all thought it was ridiculous. Even the parents were booing. Quentin thought it was hysterical."

15/04/2004 09:22