Quentin Tarantino has won his first Best Picture Golden Globe award for 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

The 56-year-old filmmaker took a step back from the microphone when he took to the stage at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Sunday (05.01.20), instead allowing producer David Hayman to accept the award for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical on behalf of those who worked on the film.

David admitted he was surprised to be asked to speak by the ''unpredictable'' director, who he hailed as a ''maestro''.

He recalled how Quentin had told him: '''I want you to have such a good time on this film that the next one's going to be miserable.'

David added: ''He wasn't wrong.''

Quentin had spoken up earlier in the evening, when he accepted the award for Best Screenplay for the film and joked he didn't need to thank anyone, before singing the praise of cast members Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

He said: ''Normally with a writing award, you don't share the script with someone else, you do it yourself so I kind of don't have anyone to thank. I did it.

''But this time, more than usually most, I had a fantastic cast, it's not just a BS fantastic cast, it was a fantastic cast who took it from a page and added a different layer, whether it was Leo in the trailer or Brad's acid flashback or Margot's goodness, which put more goodness in a movie than I've ever been involved with. So I want to thank you so much and my wife who's watching from Tel Aviv, who's pregnant with my very first child.''