Quentin Tarantino has revealed plans for a new movie, tentatively titled 'Killer Crow'.

The director says his latest slavery drama, 'Django Unchained', and his previous film, World War II action flick 'Inglourious Basterds', could be part of a trilogy about people rising up against their oppressors.

He told TheRoot.com: ''My original idea for 'Inglourious Basterds' was that this [would be] a huge story that included the [smaller] story that you saw in the film, but also followed a bunch of black troops, and they had been f**ked over by the American military and kind of go ape***t.

''They basically - the way Lieutenant Aldo Raines [Brad Pitt] and the Basterds are having an 'Apache resistance' - [the] black troops go on an Apache warpath and kill a bunch of white soldiers and white officers on a military base and are just making a warpath to Switzerland.

''I don't know exactly when I'm going to do it, but there's something about this that would suggest a trilogy.''

Quentin added the film would be set after the Normandy landings of 1944, which would historically place it a year or so before 'Inglourious Basterds' is set.

He added he has got some way into writing the script, saying: ''I have most of that written. It's ready to go, I just have to write the second half of it.''