The Hollywood director admits he first envisioned the Western as a stage show before he started work on the film version, and he would like to have a theatre adaptation ready as early as 2016.

"I really considered doing it as a play first," he tells the Associated Press. "I might literally do it as a play, as soon as next year."

Quentin is hoping to start work on the stage show once he finishes promotional duties for the film, which stars Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson, as long as he is not too exhausted from the gruelling press trip.

"I have to go around the world tour and see if I still have the juice for it," he adds. "If I don't have the juice now, I could easily do it three years from now. In fact, that's kind of the plan."

Quentin previously staged a live reading of the script when the movie was in the early stages of production.

The one-off show at the Ace Hotel featured both Kurt and Samuel along with other actors including Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern, who all landed parts in the film.