Quentin Tarantino's court date against Gawker has been set.

The director will face off against the website, who he is accusing of contribution to copyright infringement, in court on January 27, 2015, a year to the date of the filmmaker filing the $1 million lawsuit, Deadline.com is reporting.

Tarantino was furious when Gawker posted a link to a leaked copy of his 'Hateful Eight' script, forcing him to scrap plans for the Western, but the site maintains there is no case and says directing people to an online version of the script was fair use as it hadn't ''reproduced'' the material.

The three-day trial may allegedly not even take place since Judge John F. Walter has moved the matter to private mediation.

The hearing for April 14 has now been dropped, and the two parties will have until September 8, 2014, to complete the mediation and prepare their cases.

This comes two days after Gawker hit back at 'Kill Bill' helmer Tarantino for the second time, stating that his claim ''misconstrues, misunderstands, and misstates'' the law and accusing him of only pursuing the matter because of his ''displeasure with Gawker's past and present reporting about him.''

The award-winning director claims he only gave the script for 'The Hateful Eight' to six people and believes one of them must have let their agent see it, who subsequently sent it on.